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Title: Decision Making Methods on Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Sets and its Applications
Authors: Ayub, Nausheen
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: Taking into account the impreciseness and subjectiveness of decision makers in com plex decision-making situations, the assessment datum over alternatives given by them is consistently vague and uncertain. Ambiguity emerges in few complex issues of designing, science and numerous different fields.These issues can’t be settled uti lizing crisp strategies. Dual hesitant fuzzy set theory is a methodology for managing the wrong and uncertain information, due to the imprisonment of human’s figuring out how to grasp the preplexing issues, it is uncommonly difficult to apply one sort of vulnerability strategy to address such issues.Thus, it is imperative to assemble accumulation models by joining the advantages of various other different numerical models managing vulnerability. In this dissertation, the concepts and methods of fuzzy sets, orthopair fuzzy sets, dual hesitant fuzzy sets, Bonferroni mean and con nection numbers are applied to construct dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators and q-rung orthopair dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators. Several new concepts are introduced. Also the peculiar case of these models are studied in detail. Some real life problems are also presented and solved through these aggregation models. Furthermore, efficient algorithms are designed to solve these problems.
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