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Title: Unsteady MHD Flow of Some Rate Type Fluid with Conjugate
Authors: Ghalib, Muhammad Mansha
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: The University of Lahore, Lahore.
Abstract: Complex graphics of nonlinear dynamical systems is an inspiring area of interest with various applications in art, sciences, engineering, textile industries and numer ous other areas of human activity. Mandelbrot and Julia sets are generated in the complex plane from a simple function Qc(z) = z 2 + c. A generalization of these sets is the use of the results from fixed point theory. There exist numerous approximate methods in the fixed point theory to find fixed points of a given mapping, that are based on the use of different feedback iteration processes. These methods can be used in the generalization of Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets. In this work we establish escape criterion and generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets via two-step and three-step fixed point iterative methods with s-convexity which is a further generalization of these sets. A large variety of Mandelbrot and Julia sets can be obtained by changing the parameters given in fixed point iterative schemes. The results of this work will be impressed those who are excited in generating automatically artistic patterns.
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