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Title: Isolation of Secondary Metabolites of Berberies Colliobotrys, Caragana Ambigua and Vincetoxicum Stocksii and their in Vitro Screening in Various Bioassays
Authors: Khan, Saima
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Organic Chemistry
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Throughout the journey of mankind, reliance of man on plant to alleviate sufferingsis still considered with more awareness for their therapeutic application. Petition of tradition medicinal system is because of its less cost, safer and easily accessibility. Therefore,in the present era, interest in the elucidation of biological potential and chemical constituent of plant is ever budding among the naturopathic. In under discussion studies, three medicinal plants: Berberis calliobotrys, Caragana ambigua and Vincetoxicum stocksii were selected to be investigated for their secondary metabolites. The whole work done during these studies has been embodied in this dissertation as five chapters. Chapter 1containsthe introduction ofthe natural products, their sources and some recent drugs approved by FDA available in market with natural product framework and offers background of the present study. Chapter 2describesthemedicinal importance, worldwide distribution and reported secondary metabolites with biological potential from the genera Berberis, Caragana and Vincetoxicum.It also comprises the detailed literature survey on Berberis calliobotrys, Caragana ambigua,and Vincetoxicum stocksii. Chapter 3 discusses the biological screeningin various bioassays(DPPH, ABTS, FRAP, CUPRAC, phosphomolybdenum, metal chelation, acetylcholinesterase (AChE), butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), α-glucosidase, α-amylase and tyrosinase) and phytochemical analyses (total phenolic contents and total flavonoid contents)ofcrude extracts of three plants with their qualitative UHPLC-MS dataobtained for fractions Bc M, Bc-E, BC-W, Ca-M, Ca-E. It also describes theresult and discussion of isolated compounds from the Berberis calliobotrys, Caragana ambigua, and Vincetoxicum stocksii with detailed structure elucidation and isolation scheme. The biological activities of crude extract, with experimental method applied in our investigation are also included. Biological screening of crude extract in above said assays for Berberis calliobotry sand Caragana ambigua are also reported in journal of industrial crops and product (Khan, S., Nazir, M., Saleem, H., Riaz, N., Saleem, M., Anjum, S. M. M., Zengin, G.,M., ABSTRACT viii Mukhtar,Tousif, M. I., Mahomoodally, F. M.,Ahemad, N.(2019) Valorization of the antioxidant, enzyme inhibition and phytochemical propensities of Berberis calliobotrys Bien. ex Koehne: A multifunctional approach to probe for bioactive natural products.Industrial Crops and Products,141, 111693; Khan, S., Nazir, M., Raiz, N., Saleem, M., Zengin, G., Fazal, G., Saleem, M., Mukhtar, M., Tousif, M. I., Tareen, R. B., Abdallah, H. H. and Mahomoodally, F. M.(2019). Phytochemical profiling, in vitro biological properties and in silico studies on Caragana ambigua stocks (Fabaceae): A comprehensive approach. Industrial Crops and Product, 131, 117-124). The natural products isolated from Vincetoxicumstocksii are reportedin journal of chemical society of pakistan (Khan, S., M., Tousif, Raiz, N., M., Raiz, Mukhtar, M., Ahmad, I., Tareen, R. B., Jabbar, A. and Saleem, M. (2019) Rarely occurring natural products isolated from Vincetoxicum stocksii,The Journal Of Chemical Society Of Pakistan, 41 (4), 695- 700. Chapter 4 describes general experimental methods and techniques employed for biological screening in various bioassays and phytochemical analyses of crude extracts of three plants with their qualitative UHPLC-MS data obtained. It also contains spectroscopic characterization of isolated compounds. Chapter 5elaborates the assays or protocol applied for Berberis calliobotrys, Caragana ambigua, and Vincetoxicum stocksii extract.
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