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Title: حضرت ابراہیم علیہ السلام کے دینیاتی منصب پر الہامی مذاہب کے دعویٰ استحقاق کا علمی و تقابلی جائزہ
Authors: Khan, Sabz Ali
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Science and Technology, Bannu.
Abstract: Allah has granted to Hazrat Ibrahim1 extraordinary popularity and made him spiritual guide for people of all over the world. He is conceded as a leading and guiding entity for the followers of different religions. In contemporary era , The popularity of Ibrahim (AS) had increased and all the religions proclaim strongly to be the followers and descendants of the Prophet Ibrahim, as well as similarity with the injunctions of Ibrahim. Efforts are made to amalgamate various religions into one and uniformed religion in the form of “Millat-e-Ibrahim”2 . To accomplish this undesirable aim, different organizations had been founded which are arranging conferences and seminars to pave way for such act. Though it is a futile and contemptable act owing to injunctions of Islam. This study attempts a comparative analysis of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the light of Millat-e-Ibrahim. In the first chapter of this theses the Prophet Ibrahim, Millat-e-Ibrahim and the revealed and non-revealed religions have been introduced in a comprehensive and concise manner. In the 2nd chapter Judaism and its rudimentary injunctions have been described as well as its similarity and dissimlarity with Millat-e-Ibrahim. In the 3rd chapter, Christianity and its radical injunctions have been introduced and compared with Millat-e-Ibrahim. In chapter 4, Islam and its basic injunctions have been introduced and identified its similarities and differences with Millat-e-Ibrahim. In the 5th chapter, the popularity of Din-e-Ibrahim at global level and the efforts in progress to constitute a unanimous religion in the form of Din-e-Ibrahim have been elaborated. In the conclusion of theses it has been proved that Islam resembles the most with din-e-Ibrahim. If the religious intelligentsia ponder over to establish a unanimous and universal religion for harmony among all the human beings , Islam sponsors the best to bring peace and harmony with a complete sense of understanding. 1 The English substitute for Hazrat Ibrahim is “Abraham”. 2 By Millat-e- Ibrahim the scholar means the religion of Abraham.
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