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Title: Exploring E-Leadership of Principals: Increasing School Effectiveness by Learning Management System
Authors: Akram, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Education, Lahore
Abstract: Learning Management System (LMS) in school education has facilitated the management functions, decision making, monitoring and communication of principals with all stakeholders to increase their efficiency. The aim of this research was to explore e-leadership of school principals and increasing school effectiveness by LMS in Pakistan. The researcher used a mixed method approach; in the first phase of the study, the researcher explored the e-leadership of principals who were using the LMS, through qualitative methodology. The research took place in those private schools that have been using LMS. The principals, and subject teachers (Mathematics and English) were the participants for this study and data were collected through semi structured interviews of principals and teachers. The results indicated that when principals were using the LMS, it really enhances their Management functions, decision making, monitoring and communication which results in the increase their efficiency. In the second phase of the study quantitative methodology was used for descriptive and inferential analysis of the study. The instruments for the second phase of the study were developed on the bases of the results that is, themes emerged through qualitative part of the study. Keeping in view of global development, overall situation in school education particularly in utilizing LMS for educational leadership and management in Pakistan remains disappointing. Prior to this, No work has been done to explore the educational leadership (Management functions, Decision-making, Monitoring and Communication) mediated by LMS and its impact on school performance. The results of this study indicated that male principals, mature principals, more administrative experience principals and international curricula school principals used LMS better in their management functions, decision-making, monitoring and communication. It is hoped that the conclusion of this research will be helpful in providing sufficient guidelines for the future planning of education, for school leader hiring authorities and for policy makers to take appropriate measures for the effective use of LMS in Pakistan to enhance e-leadership and school effectiveness. It is not a final conclusion, however, future researchers can use this as a beginning point for their research regarding LMS in the schools.
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