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Title: Survey of Anxiety Effects on Sports Performance
Authors: Muhammad, Noor
Keywords: Education
Sports Sciences and Physical Education
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Gomal University, D.I.Khan.
Abstract: In the modern computerized and technological age every aspect of our life is advancing with so rapid pace that some time we feel much more difficulty to gain that rhythm. The world has become global village and everybody is expected to be well aware of his status and standings. Almost all the disciplines are commercializing and whole stress is placed on the best market oriented output. Physical Education and Sport Sciences as a discipline is also one of the emerging disciplines in the modern era. The dimensions and domain of the field has broadened due the successive rapid changes in the rules, regulations, complexion and formats of various games. These modifications and inductions are point of concern for the players as well as the management. The behavior, motivation level, approaches, and performance of the participant is on the critical target of the spectators and the international media. The evaluation of self in light of the performance may also be the reason behind the anxiety in sport. The presence of the family and friends are also factors responsible for anxiety. The parents, trainers and coaches also face continuous state of flux due to the watchful crowd and media. The stress, anxiety, arousal, tension and mental toughness are common due to demands of the performance. This study is aimed at to assess the effects of anxiety upon sport performance of the athletes’ at national level in Pakistan. All the athletes who represented his respective departments in the differentnational games of Pakistan constituted a population for this study. A sample of (n=126) male athletes from the total population 1026 participated in the study. Structured questionnaire pertaining to two dimensions i.e., 1) prior to competition anxiety and 2) during competition anxiety consisted of 22 and 36 items respectively was developed and used in order to assess the effects of anxiety upon athletes’ sport performance. The set hypotheses were tested with significant level of 0.05. After data analysis, the researcher found that there is a significant effect of pre-competition and during competition anxiety upon athlete’s performance of the athletes’. But, the statistical data have shown no statistical significant difference between the effect of pre-competition anxiety and during-competition anxiety upon athlete’s performance at national level. The researcher also found significant difference of the effects of pre-competition and during competition anxiety upon athlete’s performance at national level based on demographic variables like, age, experience, ethnicity and nature of event.The research findings have shown that as compared to professional sport the competitive sport is considered to be more responsible for developing anxiety in the athletes. The researcher thoroughly gone through the hypotheses deductively and inductively keeping in view the content analysis of the race effect on the athlete’s anxiety also found that there was significant effect of race on the competition anxiety of the athletes. Based upon the findings and conclusions, the researcher has recommended that the trainers must be aware of the fact that when the mental activities of the athletes are slow and scattered it always develops anxiety and that need to be avoided. It is worth mentioning to add that home field environment would be very much positive and advantageous for the athletes however sometimes it results in over-arousal which alternately deteriorates the performance.
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