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Title: Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacokinetic Study of Transition Metals substituted Oxide Materials.
Authors: Iqbal, Seemab
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Government College University, Faisalabad
Abstract: Nanotechnology has revolutionized the biomedicine and therapeutic field due to versatile characteristics of nanomaterials e.g. biosafety towards healthy tissues and toxic for malignant cells/tissues, highly efficient and target specific mold. Such bioactive and biocompatible nanomaterials are the goal of researchers in the treatment of different diseases including cancer, disorders, drug delivery agents and diagnostics. Different nanocrystalline transition metals substituted oxide materials have synthesized via chemical route. Their morphology, particle size and compositional analysis were studied via X-ray diffraction (XRD) and energy dispersive xray spectroscopy (EDX) technique. Microscopic analysis was performed via scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM). Ultraviօ let–visіble (Uv-Vis) spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy were employed to investigate the optical nature. Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) analysis was conducted to discuss the magnetic properties e.g. Coercivity, permeability, magnetization, M-H loop and saturation magnetization of suggested magnetic nanoparticles. Biocompatibility of the materials was analyzed by studying their cytotoxic, bio-viable response in cell/tissue model. The fate of this research was based on studying physico-chemical nature and synthesizing multifunctional nanomaterials with enhanced quality and efficiency as pharmacokinetics and photodynamic agents. The achieved results suggested that the investigated materials have potential applications as drug delivery nanocarriers, significant phototoxicity towards malignancy and biosafe towards normal healthy cells, diagnostics and treating bacterial diseases. Keywords: Transition metals, Metallic Oxide materials, Pharmacokinetics, Photodynamic, Drug delivery agents
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