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Title: Radiative and thermodynamic properties of matter under extreme conditions
Authors: Kouser, Rukhsana
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad.
Abstract: The radiative properties of plasma include spectral absorption and emission coefficients and their relevant quantities e.g., transmission of radiation, Planck and Roseland mean opacities. These radiative properties have important implications in many area of physics e.g., astrophysics, plasma physics, stellar physics etc. The interaction between radiation and matter depends upon the nature of radiation as well as the state of the matter. The behavior of matter is dependent on the physical as well as thermodynamic properties e.g., density, temperature, ionization and population of excited states of plasma species etc. The accurate modeling of radiative properties relies on the accuracy of the atomic parameters used in the opacity calculations. The average atom models have been extensively used to solve such problems of radiative properties over the last five decades. In this work, an average atom in self-consistent field approximation has been developed and is used for finding the electronic energies, shell occupation probabilities and average ionization of the plasma. The radiative properties are calculated in the framework of local thermodynamic equilibrium -LTE. The results are compared in details with previous accurate and advanced models in the body of the literature. The present average atom model has proved to be the fast and reliable method to compute absorption coefficient, emissivity, Rosseland and Planck means of plasma. The thermodynamics, phase diagram and optical properties at high compression ratios of LiH, are calculated using full potential linearized augmented plane wave method within density functional theory with generalized gradient approximation and Tran-Blaha modified Becke-John potential as exchange and correlation functionals. The results show excellent agreement with experimental and other theoretical calculations at ambient pressure and are extended to region of high compressions.
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