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Title: Characterization of Classical Environments and Their Effects on Quatum Correlations
Authors: Javed, Muhammad
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Malakand, Malakand
Abstract: Quantum systems are little antagonistic to surrounding environments and get quickly entangled with their many degrees of freedom thereby polluting its own distinguishing characteristic. For quantum information purposes, the crucial characteristic of a composite quantum system is the embodied quantum correlations, which usually die out with time in the presence of an environment. One focus of this thesis is to investigate the dynamics of quantum correlations in bipartite qubit system evolving in mixed classical environment. The dynamics of such an open quantum system, interacting with a classical noise, are studied through a stochastic Hamiltonian by unitarly evolving the initial state and finally averaging the state over all the possible realization of the stochastic parameter, describing the classical noise. The second focus of this work is the characterization of different classical noises using simple quantum systems as probes. During the interaction between a quantum system and an environment, the entangled dimensions of the two results in mutually sharing the properties of each other. The information of the environment mapped into the space of a quantum system (probe) can reliably be extracted via projective measurements on the probe and can be used for the characterization of the environment. Using the tools of estimation theory, we use a qubit and a qutrit as two different probes for the characterization of classical static noise and RTN, respectively.
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