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Title: Charge Transport in Clean Two Dimensional Systems
Authors: Uzair, Ambreen
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Condensed Matter Physics
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
Abstract: We study the temperature-dependent corrections to the conductance due to electron-electron(ee) interactions in clean two-dimensional conductors, such as lightly doped graphene or other Dirac matter. We use semi-classical Boltzmann kinetic theory to solve the problem of collisiondominated transport between reflection-free contacts. Time-reversal symmetry and the kinematic constraints of scattering in 2D ensure that inversion-odd and even distortions of the quasi-particle distribution relax with perimetrically different rates at low temperature. This entails the surprising result that at lowest temperatures the conductance of very long samples tends to the non-interacting, ballistic conductance, despite the relaxation of the quasi particle distribution to a drifting equilibrium. The relative correction to the conductance depends on the ratio of relaxation rates of even and odd modes and scales as δG/Gballistic ∼ T/εF q log( εF T ) , in stark contrast to the behavior in other dimensions. This holds generally in 2D systems with simply connected and convex but otherwise arbitrary Fermi surfaces, as long as e-e scattering processes are dominant and Umklapp scattering is negligible. These results are especially relevant to the bulk of wide and long suspended high mobility graphene sheets.
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