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Title: On Topological Descriptors of Graphs
Authors: Ali, Haidar
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Government College University, Faisalabad
Abstract: Graph theory is one in all the foremost special and distinctive branch of Mathematics, by which the demonstration of any structure formed is made understandable. Recently, it attains abundant attention among researchers due to it’s huge selection of applications in technology, electrical networks, interconnected networks, biological networks, and in chemistry, etc. Among researchers, nowadays, the fast growing field is the chemical graph theory. To predict physio-chemical properties and the bioactivity of a molecular graphs, the topological descriptors are very functional. In quantitative structure activity (QSAR), structure properties (QSPR) relationships and specially in pharmaceutical researchers, mathematical chemistry and drugs, a huge variety of such indices are studied. It is an important problem to study and compute the topological descriptors of molecular graphs/networks in the mathematical and computational chemistry. This thesis provides a good detail about all types of topological indices such as distance, degree and counting related polynomials. In this thesis, we have calculated distance based topological indices for Silicon Carbide network, degree based indices for third type of Hex derived networks and counting related polynomials for Mesh derived networks. These outcomes make us able to comprehend the topology of such important networks or structures.
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