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Title: A Critical Inquiry into U.K. Aid for Education in Pakistan
Authors: Abdullah, Nauman Ahmed
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: UK aid has been assisting the education sector of Pakistan for a long time now. Despite hefty grants and reform programmes the educational indictors in Pakistan are not showing a significant quality impact. Therefore, the researcher initiated this research work to critically inquire about the role of UK aid in the education sector of Pakistan. For this purpose, an evaluative case study design was selected to evaluate critically the programmes and projects of UK aid in Pakistan. The researcher used triangulation in data collection. The semi-structured interviews from the recipients of the UK aid were carried out to generate deep understanding of this UK aid phenomenon after validating the interview questions through seeking expert opinions of experts in the education field specialized in programme and institutional evaluation. The sample of this research comprised of five programmes initiated by UK aid. Three out of those five programmes selected were in completion stage while two were in post-completion stage. This selection was made to have a clear understanding of the UK aid, its functioning and its impact on the educational outcomes. Along with the semi-structured interviews, document analysis was also carried out to validate and triangulate the data. Thematic analysis method was used to analyse the semi-structured interviews in which themes were identified and codes were assigned to them. Document analysis was also conducted on the public documents related to the selected programmes of UK aid. The interpretations and understandings from the thematic analysis and document analysis were critically reviewed and compared with the literature and current education indicators of Pakistan. The lived experiences of the recipients of UK aid were encouraging and the functioning and utilization of UK aid in the recipient departments of the Government of Pakistan have enhanced the understanding of the role of UK aid. Some suggestions vii have been given in the end to make maximum utilization of the aid. This research has practical implications for UK aid, foreign aid agencies, education sector of Pakistan and policy makers in the education sector. Keywords: UK aid, critical inquiry, evaluation, PESP-II, TEP, Ilm ideas, evaluative case study, document analysis.
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