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dc.contributor.authorTarar, Moazzam Ali-
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dc.description.abstractThe growth and innovation in the finance industry is bringing new changes in the structure and tools of the financial institutions. A wide variety of new forms of financial institutions are being developed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and new investors’ class. Gone are the days when only banks were the financial option for the investors and depositors. A full-fledged new industry of financial institutions has been developed to meet the needs of the modern economy which is called the Non-Banking Financial Institutions whose objectives are to facilitate the investors and the businesses in the financial markets. This book has been designed for the graduate level students to educate them on the working and importance of the Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Pakistan (NBFIs). These NBFIs include mutual funds, leasing companies, investment finance companies, pension funds, insurance companies, private equity funds, venture capital funds, housing finance companies, modarabas, stock exchanges, investment advisory companies etc. Presently, these NBFIs are expanding their operations and have huge capital at their disposal to invest in the suitable schemes. In this book, I have tried to explain the complex concepts of the NBFIs in simple language to facilitate the learning of students. Each chapter includes real life examples and end of chapter exercises have been designed to provide practical learning to the students. Special importance has been given to the regulatory aspects and all the important rules and regulations related to the NBFIs applicable in Pakistan have been compiled in this book. Errors and omissions are expected as the journey for intellectual work never ends. Kindly email such discrepancies and errors to avoid them in upcoming editions.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commissionen_US
dc.publisherHigher Education Commissionen_US
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dc.titleNon Banking Financial Institutions In Pakistanen_US
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