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dc.contributor.authorUmrani, Fahim aziz-
dc.contributor.authorMehar, saima-
dc.contributor.authorUmrani, Abdul wahid-
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dc.description.abstractThe first edition of Rudiments of Electronic Communication System is devised to provide the basic knowledge that is useful for the study of the modern principles of Communication System. This book is the result of number of years of experience of teaching at the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. The contents of this edition target the courses of Communication System taught in the Department of Telecommunication, Computer System engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering of Mehran UET, Jamshoro. Communication Systems is a vast field and with the rapid advancement in its different study areas, it becomes challenging for the students at the under-grad level to grasp the basics of the subject. Rudiments of Electronic Communication Systems aims to build the foundation of the subject in the most effective manner. The text of the book is organized in such a way that the reader finds it interesting to read and understand. Moreover, the language of the book is kept as simple as possible so that the text seems to be self-explanatory. This book can be used as pre-requisite for many of the advanced courses in the Communication systems or can be simply used as a mini-refresher if you plan to have a quick review of the concepts related to Communication systems and its fundamental studyen_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher education commisionen_US
dc.publisherHigher education commissionen_US
dc.subjectElectroic communication systemen_US
dc.subjectCommunication systemen_US
dc.subjectBasics of communication systemen_US
dc.titleElectronic communication systemen_US
dc.title.alternativeBasics of Ecsen_US
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