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Title: Impact of In-Service Trainings On The Pedagogical Skills of Mathematics Teachers At Secondary Level in Punjab
Authors: Khan, Sumaira
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Teachers have a significant responsibility in the society and a trained teacher is considered to be familiar with students’ learning stages. A teacher always seeks for knowledge and in order to refresh his/her knowledge, and training during the service play an important role. In these trainings, teachers get chances to sharpen their skills, maximize their pedagogical knowledge and minimize their weak points present in their instruction. Present research investigated the impact of trainings on the pedagogical skills of mathematics teachers at secondary level in province Punjab. There was a descriptive study in nature and survey design of descriptive study was used to assemble data. Population of the study encompassed secondary schools’ teachers and their student. Sampling technique of multistage was used to assess the real representative sample from the population. Research sample was collected of 464 teachers and their 987 students from 10 districts of Punjab. Vast and deep reviews of related literature ease the researcher to make difference scales. Two questionnaire one for teacher and other for their students were developed, one semi conducted interview and an observation sheet for teachers were also developed. The questionnaire for teacher was consisted of four factors including Approach of trainings, Pedagogy as skills and strategies, pedagogy as understanding of students and pedagogy as motivation. The questionnaire for students was also consisted of four factors which are as follows: Skills and strategies, understanding of students, motivation and assessment of students. For a better understanding of students, questionnaire was converted into Urdu language and got opinion of the experts was included for the validation. For the analysis of the data, SPSS19th version was used. All scale and subscales demonstrated high and moderate reliability of data. For the statistical analysis of data, researcher used Standard Deviation, Mean, ANOVA, Independent Sample t-test Coefficients, Pearson Correlation and Regression Analysis. The finding told that there was a moderate positive correlation among all factors but it was found that association between approach of trainings and motivation was weak but positive and in case of students’ questionnaire, the factor skills and strategies have also weak but positive association with motivation. From the result, it was found that both male and female teachers had almost dissimilar opinion regarding as approach of trainings in skills and strategies and in motivation. A linear relationship among the variables of the study was found. The study projected additional research in the area to find out the impact of in-service trainings on elementary and primary school teacher of mathematics.
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