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Title: Ayat ul Jihad Al Waridah Fil Quran Al Kareem Dirasah Nahviyah w Balagiyah.
Authors: Ismail, Muhammad
Keywords: Arabic
Languages & Literature
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: It is a matter of fact that the Holy Quran is characterized by rhetoric, eloquence and different subjects. This rhetoric and eloquence appears in the Jihad Verses also. So I selected the analytical, syntactic and rhetorical study for my PhD thesis. I will try to focus on these aspects keeping in view the three kinds of Rhetoric: (1) (Ilm-ul-Bayan) ( )علم البيان (2) (Ilm-ul-Maa’ni) ( )علم المعاني (3) (Ilm-ul-Badea) ( )علم البديع (4) Syntactic study of Jihad Verses. I have divided this thesis into Abstract, Preface, list of contents, five chapters, and Bibliography. First Chapter: talks about the introduction of Jihad and It have three sub-chapters. Second Chapter: Is about the introduction of Kinds of Jihad and It have four sub-chapters. Third Chapter: Is about the Analytic study of Jihad Verses and It have three sub-chapters. Fourth Chapter: in it discussed the Syntactic study of Jihad Verses and it have three sub-chapters. Fifth Chapter: Is about the Rhetorical study of Jihad Verses and It have of three sub-chapters.
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