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Authors: Faizi, Waqar Un Nisa
Keywords: Social sciences
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This study investigates the reflection of Islamic values in Social sciences especially compulsory subjects of Islamiyat and Pakistan studies in 9th and 10th classes of Karachi, Pakistan. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between Islamic culture, concepts, values and course content of Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies at secondary (9th and 10th classes) level. The secondary purpose was to explore the goals and philosophy of education and its relation to the basic concept of Islam. The scope of the study was limited to secondary schools of Karachi. This study was an attempt to identify and study the cultural foundations and the religious values underlying the current educational system of Pakistan. This concept clarified through a scrutiny of the process of Islamic concept, which is already given in the textbooks of Islamiyat and Pakistan studies. This investigation cleared that through an effective educational system these values can be transferred in the new generation. For this purpose our curriculum for all levels should be prepared in the light of Islamic values especially the compulsory subjects of secondary (9th and 10th classes) level, which is the important stage of human development and these values are essential for individual moral and social training. The population of this study were the students of secondary (9th and 10th classes) level of Karachi city. By random sampling 100 schools had been selected. 600 respondents including 300 hundred male and 300 hundred female students were selected for collecting data. The researcher had also taken the interview of the different scholars. The data was collected with the help of research tools( ii ) questionnaire (consisted of 35 items), interviews and personal observation and the researcher presented the statistical analysis by the means of simple percentage and spears man’s co-relation method. Some recommendations had also been presented to solve the problem with the help of collected data. The results identified the importance of Islamic values and determined its reflection in the compulsory subjects of Islamiyat and Pakistan studies in 9th and 10th classes of Karachi city. In the light of conclusions it was recommended that meeting should be arranged by text book boards frequently for the review of text books and the text books should be written in the perspective of Islamic civilization. In this study it was clarified that aim and objectives of Islamic education is to provide such an educational system, which one is based on Holy Quraan and Sunnah and secondly it adopts the changes in the society on the issues, which are the fundamentals of Islam.
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