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Title: Metallic Nanoparticles Effects on Physical Properties of CuT1-1223 Superconductor
Authors: Ali, Liaqat
Keywords: Condense Matter Physics (Superconductivity)
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Abstract: Metallic (i.e. Cu, Ag and Au) nanoparticles (MNPs) were synthesized by sol-gel method and (CuTl)0.5Ca2Ba2Cu3O10-δ (CuTl-1223) superconducting phase was synthesized by solid-sate reaction method. Different wt. % of these MNPs were added in CuTl-1223 superconducting phase to obtain (D)x/(CuTl)-1223; (x = 0 ~ 4 wt.% and D = Cu, Ag and Au) nanoparticlessuperconducting composites and their physical properties were investigated. X-rays diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-rays dispersive spectroscopy (EDX) were utilized for structural, morphological and compositional analysis of these composites. Superconducting transport properties were investigated by resistivity versus temperature (R-T) measurements with the help of Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). The role of these MNPs on flux pinning strength in (CuTl)-1223 superconducting phase was investigated by thermally activated flux flow (TAFF) model. The broadening of superconducting transition regions in R-T curves was decreased with the inclusion of these MNPs in (CuTl)-1223 superconducting matrix, which was increased with the increase of applied magnetic field due to TAFF. Activation energy (Uo) was increased with the inclusion of these MNPs up to certain optimum level in (CuTl)-1223 superconductor, indicating strong flux pinning abilities of these MNPs. Transition widths (∆T) were suppressed by inclusion of these MNPs in (CuTl)-1223 superconducting matrix, while it was increased with the increase of external applied magnetic field. The reduction in ∆T and enhancement in Uo demonstrated the enhancement in flux pinning ability of CuTl-1223 superconducting phase with the inclusion of MNPs. The broadening in ∆T with external applied magnetic field obeyed the power law (∆T= ∆To+ CHn). The value of upper critical magnetic field (Hc2) of (CuTl)-1223 superconductor was enhanced with the inclusion of MNPs up to some optimum level, which was suppressed with external applied magnetic field. The zero resistivity critical temperature (Tc), infield critical current density (Jc) were increased and normal state resistivity ρ (Ω-cm) was decreased with the inclusion of MNPs in (CuTl)-1223 superconducting phase. Over all superconducting properties of (CuTl)-1223 superconducting phase were improved due to enhanced inter-grain connectivity by filling up the pores and voids with the inclusion of these MNPs. The superconducting transport properties were enhanced due to enhanced mobility of carriers with improved inter-grain connections. These superconducting properties were suppressed after certain optimum level of these MNPs inclusion as result of suppression of superconducting volume fraction.
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