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Title: "Analysis of Modern Trends in Teacher Education."
Authors: Azam, Mujahid
Keywords: Education
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar.
Abstract: It was a descriptive and explorative study in search of modern trends in Teacher Education, which required review of relevant literature both in local and global perspectives for exploring the trends for possible integration in the Teacher Education Programmes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Chapter-1 describes brief introduction to the problem of the study and states the statement of the problem followed by objectives; key questions of research; scope and rationale of the study. It was noted that following a paradigm shift the world over in the Teacher Education programmes and the rapid growth of information and communication technology, it was imperative to conduct a study and find out what, after all, are the modern trends that could be accommodated in the Teacher Education Programmes of the province. Chapter-2 reviews literature both in local and global perspectives. The review took cognizance of different angles of the problem and discussed the Basics of Teacher Education and Teacher Education Reforms, Quality of Teachers; Developing Trends in Teacher Education, Teacher Education Reforms, Competencies for Teachers, Teacher Education Policy for Tomorrow and some specified issues in this area. At the end of the Chapter a critique of literature review was provided, which recognized the need and importance of integrating modern trend in the Teacher Education Programmes of the province but lamented that the province has not much human and financial resources for implementing the new strategies in its Teacher Education Programmes. Moreover, teacher educators will have to be sensitized and trained in these areas before integrating these technologies in the curricula. Chapter-3 is brief description of the procedure of the study, which describes the research design; methods of data collection and analysis, population and sample of the study. The sample included officers at the management level, Principals, Instructors, and Students. The data collected from respondents were analyzed in the form of tables and graphs and discussed. The results were also validated through statistical measures. Chapter-5 presents findings, conclusions, summary and recommendations followed by References and Appendices. The outcome of the study is an exploration of the modern trends and recommendations included, inter alia, their integration in the Teacher Education programmes for which strong political will and provision of financial and human resources were needed.
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