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Title: Urdu Adab Ka Muntakhib Shaura Ki Taqleeqi Nasar-Aik Jaiza (Munir Niazi, John Elia, Sarmad Sahbai)
Authors: Ahmad, Imtiaz
Keywords: Urdu
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
Abstract: This dessertation reveals round the prose writings of the selected poets, especially Munir Niazi, Jaun Elia and Sarmad Sehbai. The basic purpose of this dessertation is to review the prose writings of these popular poets to bring different aspect in the Urdu literature. Now we discuss the main features of these chapters in the following. Chapter first, "Takhlique, Takhliqar, Takhliqui Mahiat aur Reviat" is divided into three parts. In the first part the meanings of creation, and acknowledgement of aritics, opinion is cleared. In these opinions the models of creative personlities and by their work the world creation is captivatived. The definitions of the critics are presented with suitable arguments. In the second part the mental and psychological, keeping in view the clearness of this fact has been proved that the creators infact bring in existance their mental comfort in the field of life to concentrate new things. In the lives of creators by studying their psychological aspects this phenomena is written. Infact human thinking is capable of superiority But small organism found in this world to whom such natural art is gifted seeing them the human intellectuality is drenched. With the example of this organism from the little bird "Bay" is described. Who build its nest artistically. In the third part attached with literature tradition of the creators is cleared by artistic way by Muneer Niazi, Jaun Elia and Sarmad Sehbai by these discussions, this point is taken in common that the creation and creators have positive aspects. Second chapter, "Muneer Niazi (1928-2006) Ki Takhliqui Nasar". In first part of this chapter the autobiography has been described by researching point of view. His life has been described in every aspect with detail. All the dates and years have been captivated with certificates and references. Because 10 Muneer Niazi is free from the affairs of daily life. He did not care and depressed any one. Specially he does not have the dates and years in his mind. Even now he did not have the correct information about his own life. His correct date of birth has been derived from the admission and withdrawl reqister of Punjab University national identity card, by "Writers Guild of Pakistan Membership Register." Which seemed suitable. In the second part the creations of Muneer Niazi is discussed. The basic reference of Muneer Niazi is as a poet. Therefore his poetry collections are introduced and different topics are discussed. In the prose writings in which coloumns, dramas, flap of books, and preface are discussed in detail. By this discussion the details of his prose are guessed clearely. Chapter Three "Jaun Elia (1931-2006) Ki Takhliqui Nasar" is divided into two parts. In the first part the autobiography and personality of Jaun Elia has been capitivateed in a researching point of view. Collecting all the relevent references his years have been written with references. In the second part the poetry of Jaun Elia has been introduced in the prose collections "Light Essays" has been artistically captivated. Most of the critics have opinion about the prose of Jaun Elia. If Jaun Elia were not a poet. He would have been a well known prose writer. After Abdul Kalam Azad, Jaun Elia is only the prose writer who has prose knowledge and attraction. The witness of the critics can be seen in its prose by his artistic study as prose writer the superiority of Jaun Elia has been found. Chapter four "Sermad Sehabi (1945) Ki Takhliqui Nasar" is divided into two basic parts. In the first part the details of autobiography initial creative period has been described his personal aspects of life are high lighted. The father of Sermad Sehbai Abdul Samad Pal Asar Sehbai and uncle Ameen Huzeen Were stylistic poets. Ameen Huzeen was the student of "Shams-ul-Ulma Molvi Meer Hassan". Ameen Huzeen was impressed by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and profound impact is found in his poetry being 11 the member of well known family of scholars supernatural aspects of poetry and prose is cleared. In the second part the poetical and prose topics are discussed. After this the prose of Sermad Sehbai in which published television dramas, Radio Dramas and film Mah-e-Meer are captivated by discribing the prose of Sermad Sehbai in detail. In the present period of the history of Pakistan drama, and the tradition of film writings. Sermad Sehbai is the only writer due to his efforts in the industry of drama and film is still alive. Chapter five "Muneer Niazi, Jaun Elia and Sermad Sehbai Kay Zehni aur Takhliqui Tanwoat- Aik Mohakma". In this chapter the detail discuss about common topics of these three personalities. By which this point is cleared that as a poet the circle of Sermad Sehbai and Muneer Niazi is less than Jaun Elia therefore the dramatic expression of his prose, contesting shade provides deep effect to his inner point of view. In this way art, human screening, dance, music and painting due to profound interest and his dramatic analysis specially his film "Mah-e-Meer" converts his uncofortness into comfortness. The basic reference of Muneer Niazi, Jaun Elia and Sermad Sehbai is of a poet. But why did they come to prose writing. Had they not been expressing their message completely in the poetry? Are they thought that the poetry is not the complete way of expression, His place and fame has been expressed in such discussions of prose writings by Muneer Niazi, Jaun Elia and Sermad Sehbai.
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