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Title: Geo-Politics of Pakistan - China Strategic Partnership
Authors: Ahmad, Mukhtar
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: Geo-Politics of Pakistan-China strategic partnership are highly vital and critical for both regional and global politics. Both countries have enjoyed “all weather friendship” in last seven decades. The major reasons for strong ties of these two states are ever increasing Indo-US ties and emerging of China as economic power. With passage of time both neighbouring states have further strengthen their relationship through numerous ventures like CPEC, JF-17 Thunder and various military and economic agreements. Sino-Pakistan ties are also important for strategic balance in South Asia to counter Indo-US influence in the region. Although Pakistan has enjoyed close ties with United States but its increasing tilt towards India has forced Pakistan to look for other options and China is natural and best option for Pakistan in every aspect. Another aspect of Sino-Pakistan ties is Gwadar port which has emerged as strategically significant especially against Iranian Chahbahar port which is being developed through Indian investment. Hence, to maintain the economic, military, and strategic balance in South Asian Region, the Pakistan-China ties are not only vital but also essential. The Pakistan-India ties are also essential for the regional stability especially in context of the US-India nexus in the South Asia. Both India and USA are trying hard to tilt the geo strategic balance in their favor tackling Pakistan-China policies and strategic steps in the region i.e. Gwadar Port, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and presence in Indian Ocean. Although Pakistan was the front ally in War Against Terrorism with the US, but the America has shown its clear tilt towards India signing major trade, military and nuclear deals, hence Pakistan has strengthened its ties with China and further seeking strong relations with Russia and other regional states.
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