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Title: Linear and non Linear drift modes in multicomponent in homogeneous plasmas
Authors: Ali, Sajad
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
Abstract: In the recent decades the physics of multi component plasmas has grown up tremendously. There is hardly any situation in which plasma could be found in simple case consisting of positively charged ion and negatively charged electron only, even if we take an example of electron ion plasma consisting of ionized hydrogen atoms and their detached electrons, In tokomak fusion plasma. The plasma confined is not simple rather than it is contaminated with detached particles of the inner surface of confinement, this makes the parameters very much complex. Up to certain time the concept of multicomponent plasma was mostly revolving around the concept three particles, plasma ,but with the discovery of Klein concept of metagalaxy , a new class of four component multi component plasma was discovered which set a new mile stone regarding the creation of our universe. Now keeping in view the importance, of the multi component plasma the following thesis consists of the following work First non-uniform quantum magneto plasma consisting of electron positron ion plasma is explored for Electrostatic Rayleigh-Taylor (ERT) instability. The quantum corrections effects (including Bohm potential and few other parameters) alongside the magnetic field effects on instability mode are also explored. The dispersion relation which is obtained in shape of cubic form is further examined for Different roots of the real along with imaginary root of the RT mode. The obtained dispersion relation along with the growth rates associated with the RT mode are further examined on the analytical, numerical bases. This work is proved to be of great physical importance on the studies of both laboratory as well as to study the magnetized astrophysical entities e,g white dwarfs. 2ndly Electrostatic Gravitational instability is investigated in inhomogeneous pair-ion-electron quantum magneto plasma under drift wave approximation, which consists of positive and negative ions with a electrons. The presence of negative ions with their different streaming velocities turns the dispersion relation into cubic dispersion relation obtained is the instability. It is further shown RT instability varies for magnetic field density. The drift wave instability was also investigated for four component AMBI plasma both in linear and as well as non linear regimes, following derivation of linear dispersion relation, along with kdv burger equation for evaluation of both shock wave and solitons.
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