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Title: Invigorating Inter-Domain Routing Using Software Defined Networking
Authors: Basit, Abdul
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad (NUST)
Abstract: Versatile applications over the Internet are producing unprecedented volume of data, flowing across the independently managed networking domains. Requirement of reliable communication, with better throughput and moderate latency, encourages Internet Service Providers to increase peering relationships with its immediate neighbors and beyond. Growing number of peering participants over emerging Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) highlights the significance of topological arrangement across the domains. IXPs are not only simplifying peering mesh of neighboring domains but also flattening the Internet topology from hierarchical structures over the course of time. Recent research works reveal the average edge multiplicity between IXPs more than four edges and entire range of IPv4 prefixes reachable through IXPs interconnection. Moreover, IXPs are adopting Software Define Networking (SDN) driven switching fabric, a trend that is becoming prominent with Toulouse, France and Tokyo, Japan Internet exchanges being clear case examples. In iii iv this thesis, we propose an architecture that interconnects SDN driven switching fabric of IXPs and exploit edge multiplicity between them to provision services across domains for the IXP peering participants. Traffic Engineering steered and policy compliant appropriate multiple paths are searched in a joint fashion to deploy at the IXPs switching fabric. We demonstrate that our proposal helps to achieve communication reliability across the domains with better network performance parameters like 54.60% increase in throughput.
Gov't Doc #: 17370
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