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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022M-Oxide (M=Co, Mn Zn)/ Carbon Based Hybrid Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Storage DevicesZawar, Sidra
2020m-Polar Fuzzy Elimination and Choice Translating Reality MethodsWaseem, Miss Neha
2003M.A.Jinnah: Leadership PatternKAZMI, SHEHLA
2019M.H.Panhwar and His Contribution in the Field of Histriography of SindhThaheem, Aijaz Ali
2012Ma arker-t rait as sociatio for d on drough toler ance in ht n h exaploi whea (Triti id at icum aes stivum L germ L.) mplasmIqbal, Muhamm Javid
2018Machine Learning Based Approach for Facial Expression ClassificationAli, Ghulam
2021A Machine Learning Based Cluster Optimization Technique for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworkShah, Yaser Ali
2016Machine Learning based Ensemble Systems for Image FusionKausar, Nabeela
2021Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection System for IoT NetworksAshraf, Javed
2021Machine Learning Based Prediction of Multi Label Subcellular Protein Localization of Prokaryotic cellsJaved, Faisal
2020Machine Learning Based Protein Function AnnotationGull, Sadaf
2022Machine Learning Using Approximate ComputingSabir, Muhammad Dilshad
2021Machine Learning-Based Load and Price Forcasting for Energy Management SystemsYousaf, Adnan
2015' Machine Vision Approach in the Classification of Breast Cancer Using Texture Analysis''Shahid, Muhammad
2019Macro-Economic Determinant & Interdependence of Stock Markets: Evidence From Emergigng EconomiesRafiq, Muhammad Asim
2020Macroeconometric Analysis and Modelling of Inflation, Unemployment, Investment and Economic Growth in Pakistan, Azra
2018A Macroeconometric Model for Trade Policy Evaluation: Evidence from PakistanJawaid, Syed Tehseen
2017Macroeconomic Determinants of Tax Morale, Institutional Development and Optimal Government Spending in PakistanMadni, Ghulam Rasool
2016Macroeconomic Dynamics of Oil Price Shocks in an Open Economy: Case Study of PakistanKhan, Gulzar