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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of Academic Functioning of University Departments in PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2021Corporate Governance, Financial Distress Cost, and Financial Constraint in PSX Listed FirmsFarooq, Muhammad
2022Development of Lifetime Families of Distributions with an Application to the Weibull distributionFarooq, Muhammad
2019Flood Modeling and Hazard Mapping using HEC-RAS 2D Hydrodynamic Model and Geospatial Technologies- A Case Study of River Swat, PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2020Formulation Development and Evaluation of Loxoprofen Sodium Pellets and its Pharmacokinetic StudiesFarooq, Muhammad
2022Generating a New Family of DistributionsFarooq, Muhammad
2010Identification of genes and mutations involved in primary microcephaly and inherited limb disorders in Pakistani familiesFarooq, Muhammad
2006The Impact of Internal Migration on Individuals and Institution in Punjab, PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2019Intersectional soft set theory applied to ordered semihypergroupsFarooq, Muhammad
2021Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Electrostatic Waves in Plasma Systems with Effect of Non-Thermal Distribution of ParticlesFarooq, Muhammad
2020Muslim Ma'ashray Ki Tameer-o-Tarak Ki main Khususi Afrad Ka Kirdar (Tehqeeqi wa Tajziati Jaieza)Farooq, Muhammad
2022News Treatment of Social Issues and Shaping the Public Opinion: The Agenda -Setting Function and Framing of Press in PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2016Nutritional potentials of Moringa oleifera as avian feedFarooq, Muhammad
2019Phytosociological Analysis of Koh-e-Bheengra and Alied Areas of Upper Tanawal, District Mansehra, PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2021Rise of Hindutva in India: Effects on Pakistan - India Relations (2014-2019)Farooq, Muhammad
2022Socio-Legal Analysis of Risk Taking Driving: A Study of Public Service Vehicle Drivers in PakistanFarooq, Muhammad
2018Solutions of Couple Stress and Non-Newtonian Fluid FlowsFarooq, Muhammad
2016Stagnation point flows with heat and mass transferFarooq, Muhammad
2018Synthesis, Characterization and Modification of Gum Arabic Microgels for Biomedical and Environmental ApplicationsFarooq, Muhammad