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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Design of Computationally Efficient Vector Quantization Scheme for Image CompressionBilal, Muhammad
2018Design of Frequency Selective Surfaces for Shielding ApplicationsBilal, Muhammad
2018Developing an Enhanced Risk Management Framework for Banking Industry of Pakistan using a Qualitative Approach.Bilal, Muhammad
2016DFT Studies of Carbon And Nitrogen Based Cubic Antiperovskite Materials.Bilal, Muhammad
2016Effect of replacing dietary soybean meal with dried distillery yeast sludge on health and performance of layersBilal, Muhammad
2020Expression studies of herbal proteins to suppress PVY in PotatoBilal, Muhammad
2022Habib Jalib Ke Shairi Mein Mazahamti AnasirBilal, Muhammad
2022Habib Jalib Ke Shairi Mein Mazahamti AnasirBilal, Muhammad
2019Motion correction in compressively sampled dynamic MR imagingBilal, Muhammad
2018Numerical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian FluidsBilal, Muhammad
2021Prediction of HCV-Encoded miRNAs and Expression Analysis of their Target Genes in HCV Infected/HCC PatientsBilal, Muhammad
2013Statistics-Inspired Hardware Architectures for Image and Video ProcessingBilal, Muhammad
2017Teacher Education in Pakistan: Bridging Gaps between Theoretical Knowledge and Professional PracticeBilal, Muhammad
2017Urdu Novel Par Freud Kay Afkar o Nazriaat Kay AsraatBilal, Muhammad
2019معروف نظام ہائے اقتصادیات کے اصول و کلیات کا تجزیاتی و تقابلی مطالعہBilal, Muhammad