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Title: Speculative Study of Rotating Nanofluids Over a Stretching Surface
Authors: , Aziz ur Rehman
Keywords: Mathematics
Natural sciences & mathematics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Abstract: A nanoparticle phenomenon is interesting due to the fact that it behaves like a bridge between substance and its atomic/molecular structure. As particles of a material break and approach their nano size, their intrinsic properties change quite dramatically. For example, platinum which is an inert element at macro scale becomes a catalyst at nano scale. Similarly silicon insulators become conductors and gold which is solid, inert and yellow, changes itself to a red liquid with unusual catalytic properties at nano scale. Thus nanoparticles have considerably different attributes as compared with particles of the same species and not in nanoscale. Nanotechnology is a rising science of today. It is growing swiftly and has numerous applications in almost every discipline of our daily life e.g., in medicines, foodstuff, chemicals, automobiles and many more. Nanoparticle study is at present a part of focused and systematized notice due to a comprehensive range of its possible uses in biomedical, optical, material manufacturing, transportation, energy and electronic fields. Since last two decades nanofluids have attracted the attention of scientists as an important research topic. Due to their intense use in extremely progressive technical and biomedical devices such as in nuclear reactors, microchips cooling, radiators and nano medications etc., nano particles are quite useful. Being comprised of low molecular mass but high thermal conductance, these fluids are considered to be vastly effective cooling managers. Rotating fluids flow over elastic stretching sheets are fairly apparent in several industrial procedures such as material management conveyers, extrusion of elastic panes and cooling of an endless metal plate in a cooling bath. Furthermore in procedure of glass blowing, constant moulding, and turning of fibres also consist of the rotary flow over enlarging surface. The role of stretching is of vital importance as can be visualized in above procedures in which flow of heat and mass is produced by the stretching practice of surface. The properties preferred for a result of such a progression would mostly rest on two features. First is the rate of cooling of fluid and second is the rate of stretching surface boundary on which liquid is lying. During the engineering procedure, heat transmission level at the stretched surface is deeply perceived as it is much related with the quality of the ultimate product. Keeping in view this outstanding feature of the modern day development engineering, numerous investigators have concentrated their attention on this precise area of study.
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