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Title: Relationship Between Celebrity Endorsements and Consumer Purchase Intentions
Authors: Adnan, Adil.
Keywords: Relationship Between Celebrity Endorsements and Consumer Purchase Intentions
Battle of the Brands
Business Administration
Celebrity Endorsements
Urban & Sub-Urban Consumers
Consumer Purchase Intention
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Iqra National University, Peshawar
Abstract: For the 21st Century marketing managers, the globalization has resulted in a fierce battle of the brands at the local and global levels. It has opened new brand investment avenues for the local and global brand advertising managers that are having both the promotional challenges and opportunities. The technological advancements and the rapidly growing mass media and communication systems are constantly providing the marketing managers with the massive opportunities to convey their voice to the targeted groups of customers in a most effective manner. For the same reasons the brand managers are always in search of devising the most effective advertising techniques through which they can easily and most effectively communicate with their target audiences. Celebrity endorsement technique is amongst one of them. Celebrities are the personal and social favorites having deeper influences over the life styles and consumption patterns of the social members. The current study has been conducted to examine the relationship between the super stars endorsements and the consumer purchase intention. As no substantially enough research work has been conducted with reference to the same subject matter and with special reference to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The data has been gathered through questionnaires by taking 790 respondents from the urban and sub urban areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan through Simple Random Sampling technique. Male and female consumers both were contacted. Finally, the impacts of various determinants of celebrity endorsement models were checked through simple linear regression analysis with the consumer purchasing intention. As a result, positive relationship was found between the celebrity endorsements and the buying intention of the buyers. The study has described useful academic as well as managerial implications for both the local and global brand advertisers.
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