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Title: The Dynamics of Organizational Justice: Analyzing the Role of Trust and Job Embeddedness in Augmenting Organizational Effectiveness
Authors: Iftikhar, Umer
Keywords: Applied Sciences
Management & auxiliary services
General management
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad
Abstract: The study focuses on the critical aspect of management, named organizational effectiveness which is prevailing in the existing competitive market of the world. In contemporary age, the compulsion of fair management is ever increasing. It is an obligation for the organizations to provide trust worthy environment to its employees as in return employees will also be loyal to their organizations and will help in enhancing organizational effectiveness. The main aim of this thesis is to study the relationship of organizational justice and organizational effectiveness, analyzing the mediating role of organizational trust and job embeddedness. Portrayal of Adam’s Equity theory, social exchange theory and the Cameron’s model helps to explain the concepts of organizational justice, job embeddedness and organizational trust. To addresses the issues data was collected from telecom sector of Pakistan, after distribution of questionnaire 460 respondents gave their feedback by filling out questionnaire, data was analyzed using correlation and regression analysis. The findings of the study confirmed that organizational justice has a significant and positive impact on organizational effectiveness and also the effect of the moderating variables; organizational trust and job embeddedness was also confirmed. The results of this study will not only benefits academicians but also to the managers of the organizations. By executing justice and trust atmosphere in the organization, will lead to the employee embeddedness towards his work which will ultimately enhance the effectiveness of the organization. Forthcoming research can be carried out by taking turnover intention as an outcome in addition to the organizational effectiveness, also it can be tested cross-nationally in order to increase the generalizability of the research and it can also be replicated in other services sectors around the globe. viii Furthermore future research may also be carried out by making the comparative analysis of different sectors at different timelines. Keywords: Organizational Justice; procedural, distributive and interactional, Organizational effectiveness, Trust, Job embeddedness and Organizational Behavior.
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