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Authors: Firdous Bukhari, Nighat
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Thesis Title: Comparative Effects of Teachers' Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Students' Academic Achievement. The study intended to compare the effectiveness of teachers’ transformational and transactional leadership styles on students’ academic achievement. The objectives of the study were: to compare public and private sector college teachers' transformational leadership style; to evaluate public and private sector college teachers’ transactional leadership style; to explore gender wise differences in public and private sector college teachers' views about their leadership styles; to measure gender wise differences in students’ views of public and private sector college about their teachers’ leadership styles; to compare relationship between teachers’ leadership styles and students’ academic achievement; to calculate gender wise differences in academic achievement of students in public and private sector. The population of the study was teachers teaching secondary classes and students of 12th grade from public 9 and private colleges registered and affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. Total 36 null hypotheses were developed. The major findings inferred from the data analysis were: there was found significant gender difference in the opinion of teachers about teachers’ transformational leadership style, male and female teachers did not show any difference of opinion about teachers’ transactional leadership styles, male and female students gave different opinion about their teachers’ transactional leadership style, students from moderate ability groups were found more concerned about their teachers’ leadership styles; the transformational and the transactional leadership styles than low and high ability groups, positive relationship was found between teachers’ transformational and transactional leadership styles with students’ academic achievement. The major recommendations of the study were: There is a need to design a complete course for teachers’ training in leadership and this course may be included in teacher training programs. Effects of teachers’ leadership styles may be investigated with reference to self actualization of students. The teachers’ training program for in-service college teachers may be designed for development of traits of leadership and for this purpose the model proposed by the researcher may be used for designing teachers’ leadership training course.
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