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Title: Study of some properties of central carbon- carbon collisions at 4.2 A GeV/c
Authors: Wazir, Zafar
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Modern physics
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad- Pakistan
Abstract: Central carbon-carbon collisions at 4.2 A GeV/c using: the experimental data coming from 2m propane bubble chamber; Dubna Cascade Model and Ultra relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics Monte Carlo codes have been studied in this thesis. The data has been analyzed with a new statistical method which is not sensitive to the background and doesn’t require any prior information on the dynamics of the interaction. The obtained results show that the behavior of the nearest neighbor spacing momentum distributions of particles produced from 12 CC collisions at 4.2 A GeV/c changes with multiplicity critically. A comparison of the experimental results with ones coming from the models gives a possibility/indication that the critical values can be connected with central collisions. Hence the critical values of multiplicity have been used to fix the centrality. The results obtained are independent of the prevalent models for such analysis.
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