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Authors: Sultana, Riffat
Wagan, Muhammad Saeed
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Pest Management
Plant Protection
Agriculture Sciences
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Abstract: This book represents monographic features of grasshoppers and locusts of Pakistan, based on a critical study of all available literature on this subject vast collection of Sindh Entomological Museum (SEM). All the specimens of locusts and grasshoppers recorded in different life forms are examined. However, in a few cases, in order to complete the picture, of because of other consideration, some species occur beyond the limits of the mentioned territory were added. The locust and the grasshopper within the limits of enormous area, outline above are characterized by a great verities of species. The key and the description of these specimens is scattered over a vast, often almost inaccessible, specialized literature. Furthermore, there is no summarizing book at present. Embracing all the enormous territory of Pakistan and corresponding to the contemporary level of knowledge of the grasshoppers and locusts fauna of Pakistan occurring to the above circumstances, the exact determination of grasshoppers and locusts species, especially those which are distributed in Swat, Northern areas and rocky area of Balochistan. The primary (key) objective /aim of this book is to prepare a concise manual for the identification of the species and for the acquaintance with fundamental features of the morphology, biology, classification, oviposition, development, feeding and food preferences, defenses mechanism and habitat of insects of the most important pest of the plant – grasshoppers and locusts. Naturally it was difficult to achieve uniformity in the critical study of taxonomy and biology of related species. As a result some groups of locusts and grasshoppers were examined. There is no doubt that species checklist of locusts and grasshoppers in the Pakistan, described in this book, are not complete. A number of keys will require certain amendments, of change and our ideas on the distribution on a number of species may undergo important change in the future. The authors express the hope that the publications of the book will facilitate the further study of locusts and grasshoppers and by attaching the new research workers contribute the progress of on the knowledge of this theoretically and practically important group of insects. Beside this, egg-laying and development of hopper, feeding and food preferences of insects will spark new interest and foster new studies. We believe by using grasshoppers and locusts within disciplines will produce key insights into general biological principles. It is also likely that important insight gained from such research can be exploited to develop more effective programs. This work contains keys and short diagnosis for families and sub-families from Pakistan fauna, and a list of Pakistani grasshoppers and locusts’ species for every genus and species described. A large section of drawings is provided, this book is planned to supplement, and existing text books on the entomological problems. It is designed to satisfy the need that’s fulfills the demands of conventional biological control technique. It provides the achievements in the major crops. The writing of this book is very essential but could not be undertaken to date. It is the (HEC) which motivated the authors for this adventure. This is first ever effort on this subject in Pakistan. The authors welcome any constructive criticism, suggestions and ideas for improving the future version of the manuscript.
Description: Monograph
ISBN: 978-969-417-180-7
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