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Authors: Kayani, Mrs. Tanvir
Keywords: Social sciences
Human resource development
Organization development
Personal development
Professional Development
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Purpose of this investigation is to study the Challenges of Human Resource Development to pace with globalization. A study of this kind would highlight the dimensions, which can be manipulated to upgrade the human resource development in teacher educators working in institutes of teacher education to pace with global threats. This may also help in planning the resources to be tapped and utilized in its optimum level. The present study aimed at identifying certain variables related to human resource development in teacher educators’ working in institutes of teachers education. Study determines the effect of human resource development climate, performance appraisal, induction in-service education and training needs of teacher educator with impact of gender, experience, age wise difference, organizational difference, working in unisex or co-education, service stature difference. Population of the study was teacher educators working in the eleven institutes of teacher education in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Two hundred twenty three, male and female teacher educators responded to the researcher’s questionnaire. Instrument used for data collection was HRDC, PERAP, INS and training needs assessment, questionnaire adapted through Noorjahen N, Ganihar. Researcher used it after getting the formal permission. The demographic portion of the instrument was developed by the researcher to sort out the demographic information. In total thirty one hypotheses were developed. To explore difference between the means of two groups t-test was applied. One way ANOVA and post hoc LSD were used for exploring the difference among more than two groups. Major findings of the study revealed, that gender wise, experience wise, age-wise difference, organizational difference, working in unisex or co-education, service stature difference have a significant impact on the variables HRDC, PERAP, INS and training needs. Furthermore a significant relation among the variables HRDC, PERAP, INS and training needs was determined.
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