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Keywords: Applied Sciences
Management & auxiliary services
General management
Management sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Antecedents of Perceived Job Performance and Its Relationship with Work Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Perceived Job Performance. In most of service organizations particularly in Pakistan financial sector, employees have reduced their job performance, commitment with the organization and shortened quality of work due to many factors influencing them at workplace. This research study aims to explore such antecedents that can improve the efficiency and work outcomes of employees working in banking sector through mediating effect of perceived job performance. The target population of this study covers 20,514 employees of banking sector working in capital cities of the country and provinces including Faisalabad which is one of the big cities of Pakistan. Data were collected via cross sectional approach from 380 desk and frontline officials (with 49% response rate) of Public and private banks. Banking sector was taken by the researcher for this study as the meager amount of job performance and work outcomes came in notice due to high stress job environment in banks as indicated by previous studies. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling techniques were used through AMOS and SPSS 17.0 for data analysis. Findings of this research are demonstrated that job satisfaction and emotional intelligence are found the valuable antecedents of perceived job performance and work outcomes in terms of quality of work and organizational commitment where employee’s job performance has been proved as a partial mediator in between two antecedents i.e. job satisfaction and emotional intelligence, and work outcomes. However job stress and practice of job analysis were found negative and positive significant relationship with employee’s job performance respectively however “job stress” is negatively and “practice of job analysis” is positively related with work outcomes but not significantly. And there is not found mediating effect of job performance in between two antecedents i.e. job stress and practice of job analysis, and work outcomes. The four predictors in this study i.e. job stress, job satisfaction, emotional intelligence and practice of job analysis of perceived job performance and work outcomes have actually been supposed to take as interpreters for the improvement of employees’ contentment and abilities in the service environment of banking sector. Only one of them i.e. job stress is negatively influenced to employee job performance and work outcomes; remaining three are positively persuaded to job performance and work outcomes. A practical exposure is offered by this research that organizational education especially to managers and generally to top management of service industry. As the management must be more concerned to improve the fortunate working environment in the organization which confirms the better performance and work outcomes of employees. Such performance-lift environment may be developed by educating the recommended antecedents through this research i.e. emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, job stress and practice of job analysis for improving employees work outcomes i.e. quality of work and organizational commitment; and these should be reviewed periodically and required in time decisions from the management side for achieving the optimum results in its response.
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