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Title: Hadronic Cross Sections of B c Mesons
Authors: Akram, Faisal
Keywords: Natural Sciences
Classical mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Gas mechanics
Electricity & electronics
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan
Abstract: In this work we calculate B c absorption cross sections by light mesons and baryons; π, ρ , and K mesons and nucleons. The processes studied are important from the view of relativistic heavy-ion experiments. The formalism used for the calculations is based on an effective hadronic Lagrangian developed by imposing SU(5) symmetry. This approach is similar to other papers in the literature in which absorption cross sections of J/ψ and Υ mesons are calculated using the hadronic Lagrangian based on SU(4)/SU(5) symmetry. The motivation for these calculations comes from the studies of the production of heavy mixed flavor mesons and baryons in quark gluon plasma. It is expected that B c production could be enhanced in heavy-ion experiments due to formation of QGP. However, it is also expected that the B c production rate in heavy-ion collisions will be affected by its interaction with comoving hadrons. Thus we require the knowledge of the cross sections of B c absorption processes to interpret the observed rates in the experiments. We find that calculated values of cross sections highly depend upon the choice of form factors, related cutoff parameters, and coupling constants. The effect of uncertainties in these parameters on the cross sections is also studied. These results could be useful in calculating the production rate of B c meson in relativistic heavy-ion collisions.
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