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Authors: Zafar, Hamida
Keywords: Social sciences
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In the education system the teachers play a very important role. Therefore, a teacher needs to have her own philosophy of education on which she makes educational decisions for her students. Her philosophy of education needs not to be the once presented by different educationist and philosophers, it could be a mixture of the ones already available or something new and significant that she found effective in teaching her students. The females are more suitable for teaching profession and majority of women join it as career in our country because they can understand the psychological needs of the students easily. The teacher has to understand the little things that affected the ability to learn the temperature in the classroom, the time of the day. She has an understanding of human nature and the maturity at secondary level. Especially while teaching and showing impact of different factors on teaching competencies. The research topic is “Factors impacting female teachers’ competencies of secondary public schools of Karachi”. This study aimed to find out the impact of different factors i.e. socio economical, emotional, political, educational, environmental and administrative problems related to female secondary school teachers on their teachingii competency. It was predicted that the problem would have adverse impact on teaching performance of government secondary school teachers. The aims and objectives of this study were: (1) To find out the problems of female school teacher. (2) To identify the socio cultural problems. (3) To find out the environment problems of female school teachers. (4) To measure the teaching competency of teachers by relationship between teachers and students. (5) To find out the personal school problems of female teachers. This research study was quantitative cum qualitative in nature and discussed the teaching competencies of female teachers at secondary level. The population of this study was all the government girls’ secondary schools of Karachi city. The total sample of the study was comprised of 50 secondary female schools. Ten (10) towns and their 300 teachers were selected for study. The tools used for this study were questionnaire and interviews of Principals, District Education Officers and one Scholar. The study was survey based and descriptive research. The data were systematically tabulated and statistically analyzed by using simple mean, standard deviation and percentage graphic bar to show the exact result of the data. Recommendations were drawn in the light of results and conclusion.
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