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Title: Analysis of English Curriculum on Linguistics Skills of Students in Public Sector Higher Secondary Institutions of Karachi
Authors: Asif, Muhammad
Keywords: Arts & Humanities
Arabic Linguistics
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Hamdard University, Karachi
Abstract: The overall objective of the research was to analyze the English curriculum on linguistics skills of students in public sector higher secondary institutions of Karachi, Sindh. The study specifically evaluated the English language curriculum progress in Pakistan and ‘needs analysis’ of the language, national English curriculum strategies for textbook development, teachers’ perspective and students’ beliefs regarding teaching-learning materials, and the effectiveness and drawbacks of the existing recommend English coursebooks of intermediate level. The in-depth analysis of the literature was done and that comprehensive literature review helped in developing a framework and questionnaires utilized in different phases. Employing a mixed methodology, the study is divided into four different phases. Initially, a survey was carried out on a small scale to understand the need for the English language in the country. In the later phases, the English curricula, the perceptions of teachers and students regarding coursebooks, and the English textbooks taught at higher secondary level were critically evaluated. The study pointed out limitations on the whole educational situation and these shortcomings are supposed to be eventually liable for the low standard of English existing in the province. The English curricula were also found to be restrictive in developing linguistic skills. The teachers/principals lacked practical, comprehensive, and critical perceptive of language learning goals, designing the syllabus, teaching methodology, and developing materials. In general, the textbooks emphasized artificial and controlled tasks to study English. The conclusion of the study recommended the upgrading of the curricula development procedure, training programmes for the coursebook writers and instructors and, significantly, the approved textbooks can in due course help in assisting the English language acquisition in the students of higher secondary level of Karachi
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