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Title: Exploring the Linkage Among University, Industry and Government About Knowledge Based Economy: Triple Helix Perspective
Authors: Khalid, Sehrish
Keywords: Education
Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University of the Punjab, Lahore
Abstract: Pakistan needs to free itself from the constraints of a natural resources-driven approach to socio-economic development and focus on strengthening the ―Triple Helix‖ of the knowledge economy. This study is aimed to find out the Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government relations in the context of a knowledge-based economy. The study also concentrates on exploring the potentials and constraints in establishing such a linkage. As a result, this study identified the ways to improve and sustain the triple helix relationship, in Pakistan generally, and in Punjab particularly. The researcher used mixed methods approach and sequential explanatory design for the study. In the quantitative phase of the study, public sector universities of general category were the population of the study. In qualitative phase of the study, ORIC directors, educational policy makers/experts and industrialists were the population of the study. Sample of quantitative phase of study consisted of 1070 faculty members from common faculties of universities in the province of Punjab. In qualitative phase, purposive sampling technique was used. The sample consisted of eleven directors of ORIC, six policy makers as actors of government and twelve industrialists. As instruments of the study, one questionnaire for faculty members of universities was developed in the quantitative phase of the study and semi-structured interview protocols were developed for directors of ORIC, policy maker/experts and relevant industrialists for qualitative phase of study. For the analysis of quantitative part of the study, descriptive and inferential statistics were used. In the qualitative phase of the study, interviews of the subjects were transcribed, and data were analysed through thematic analysis. It is concluded that university and industry linkage level regarding research and development and knowledge sharing were moderate. However, academic cooperation and resource sharing were weak. It is also found that university and ii government linkage regarding R&D and knowledge sharing were moderate to weak, and resource sharing was really weak. Various constraints were identified in establishment of linkage between university and industry, including paucity of infrastructure, low motivation, trust deficit, lack of interest and missing policy regarding linkage. A SWOC analysis was conducted based on which a strategic framework to improve the linkage among university, industry and government was developed.
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