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Title: The Dynamics of Democratization: A Case of Study of Pakistan (2008-2015)
Authors: Ibrahim, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Political Science
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: The dissertation is an attempt to comprehend the dynamics of democratization in Pakistan. The prime objective is to understand the concept and threshold of democratization. The major focus is to establish a frame work for the democratic transformation. Pakistani political leadership faced challenges to strengthen the democratic norms to establish the democratic governments. The political forces remained unsuccessful to strengthen the healthy democratic traditions. The democratization is influenced through different factors. The political leadership is to be considered as factor of transformation and transition to democratization. The mature democratic institutions may be the cause to strengthen democratization in Pakistan. The transparent electoral process is helpful to promote the democratic process. It does not matter to hold elections after fixed time period. It would have to be based on the consensus oriented as well as public participation which is democratic process to establish the democratic government. The political leadership as well as masses has to play vital role for strengthening of democratic system. Democratization is depended upon the establishment of strong and efficacious democratic institutions of the state. The developmental threshold has to be fruitful to strengthen democratic process. The democratic structure has needed to promote democratization. The democratic forces got dominance to strengthen to taken place the democratic transformation. The attempts are made to conceptualize the citizen-state relationship for the strong footed democratic process in Pakistan. There are still complications for the consolidation of democratization in Pakistan. The descriptive methodology is used to consolidate findings. The transitional approach is applied for the study in theoretical perspective.
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