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Authors: Khuhro, Amir Ahmed
Keywords: Social sciences
Political sciences
Relation of state to organized groups
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Bahauddin Zakariya University MULTAN
Abstract: The personality of a political leader had remained a major issue of discussion among scholars because the personality of a leader has importance in the foreign policy decision-making process of a developing and under developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia. It is also said that personal characteristics of a political leader on foreign policy of a country are more important. In this regard statements have come from different personality theorists. Many researchers have focused on the political leader’s beliefs about the nature of politics and political conflicts, his/her views regarding the extent to which historical developments can be shaped. While another school of thought stem from psychological research which is based on personality making content, analysis of speeches and interviews. This research is based on applying the different theories of personality from general to particular; in the case study of Benazir Bhutto. Her personal style of reacting to external threats had a considerable impact on Pakistan’s relations with US which are focused in this study, because Pakistan’s relations with the United States occupy important place in Pakistan’s foreign policy. The two states have generally maintained favourable dispositions towards each other, but their interaction has not always progressed smoothly.XI Pak-US Relations and the significant issues involved between them during her both terms in office had been examined in details. It is tried to asses that to what extent her personality contributed towards relations between Pakistan and the US. The importance of examining the Benazir Bhutto’s personality and her impact on Pakistan’s foreign policy is much more signified by the fact that she is recognised as a leader at the national as well as the international level. Benazir Bhutto’s personality is a mixture of varied personality traits. She is determinant and skilful lady. She has tremendous energy and working capacity. She has command over crises management which can be shown at the time when Pakistan’s relations were on the stack and Pakistan’s name was included on terrorist watch list by US it was her policies through which Pakistan’s name was excluded from the list including getting some F-16’s and US economic MoU’s were signed as compare to economic aid. Over all she had out lined her own foreign policy goals and objectives of Pakistan during her premiership.
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