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Title: Impact of Conflicts on University Students' Self-determination and Self-confidence.
Authors: Faridee, Bilal Ahmed
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Education, Lahore
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to explore and determine the impact of conflicts on self determination and self-confidence of universities students in the province of Punjab (Pakistan). This study was descriptive in nature and a single questionnaire comprised of three Scales, Conflict Scale (CS), Self-determination Scale (SDS) and Self confidence Scale (SCS) were used to collect data. The province of Punjab (population of the study) was divided in three regions, upper, central and southern Punjab. At first stage (six) 6 universities, (two) 2 from each region were selected through multistage random sampling technique and at next the stage two departments, natural sciences and social sciences were selected. At the last stage, students of final semester of both departments were selected as sample. A total 786 out of 1020 respondents responded showing 77% valid response rate. The reliability and validity of the instruments were piloted prior to its administration. The collected data were coded and analyzed using SPSS 21 and structural equation model (SEM) using PLS software 3 version. The results of the study revealed that conflicts (interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup and intragroup) were existed among university students. Analysis showed that there existed positive and significant correlation among the all the constructs. During data analysis, the items correlated to their constructs at all level i.e. first order construct and second order construct for the Model fit. The measurement model was correlated at Common Method Based (CMB) with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). Statistical results and findings indicated that conflict and its types had positive and significant impact on self-determination and self-confidence on university students. Findings have implications for the teachers, administrators to implement such strategies that enhance the self-determination and self-confidence because these attributes are inter-connected with conflicts.
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