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Title: Pak-Russia Relations and its Effects on Regional Politics (1991-2008)
Authors: Anwar, Tohid
Keywords: Social Sciences
Pakistan Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Pakistan Russia relations remained on up and down staircase. Sometimes there was observed the strongest bond and working together for the welfare of their dwellers. However, history is also full of mourning memories that describe the awful associations between Russia and Pakistan. Russia is at upper rank being developed country as well as embellished with the rich energy resources including gas and oil. On the other hand, Pakistan is also included in the list of blessed countries due to abundance of natural resources. Nevertheless, Pakistan still needs untiring efforts to come in competition with the developed countries having stable economic graphs. Involvement of other countries such as U.S. and India has weakened the positive and strong associations between Russia and Pakistan just to boost up their personal interests. However, with the passage of time it has become clear to both countries that these countries are doing nothing rather just increasing their socio-economic status and can put down the any country even if they have friendly associations with them. Thus, by realizing the facts about the both countries, Russia and Pakistan are trying their best to create the positive harmony among themselves. Furthermore, this study is highly significant for policy makers to devise the policies that are beneficial for both countries. Along with this fact, this study is also an open window for the researchers that want to work in this subject. Keywords: Pak-Russia Relations, Russia-Pak regional policies, Pak-Russian politics, Pak Russian Collaboration.
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