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Title: Effects of Process-Genre Approach on English as a Second Language Students' Academic Writing at Intermediate Level
Authors: Ajmal, Abrar
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University of Education, Lahore
Abstract: In this thesis, I study the effects of the emerging combined “Process-Genre Approach (PGA)” on writing performance and writing anxiety among ESL Intermediate/ Pre-university academic writing learners in Pakistan. The purpose of this explanatory sequential mixed method research project is to put forward some practical ideas, approaches, strategies, and practices for ESL academic writing students and teachers to improve the overall quality of writing and to reduce writing anxiety. The research tools used to collect data from 80 ESL academic writing students and 20 ESL academic writing teachers were pre-and post-tests, “Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory (SWLAI)” a three-dimensional Likert Scale 22 item questionnaire, and semi-structured interviews. Pre- and post-tests were used to collect data afore and afterward the intervention, a purposefully deliberate academic writing module based on the process-genre teaching writing methodology. Tests were evaluated according to ‘ESL Composing Profile’, the rubric comprising ‘content, organization, vocabulary, language usage, and mechanics’ as sub-components of writing. Descriptive Statistics including mean and standard deviation, inferential Statistics including Wilcoxon signed-rank test, paired sample T-test, and qualitative thematic analysis were put in to yield statistically significant mean difference establishing that the total mean writing performance score was improved from pre-test to post-test score in the experimental group as compared to the total mean scores of the control group. Qualitative data analysis of students’ and teachers’ interviews also supplemented that the treatment was productive in improving writing performance. VII Writing nervousness/ ‘anxiety’ is one of the major challenges and affects writing performance. This study explores the effects of process-genre teaching writing framework on writing anxiety among ESL intermediate/pre-university students. ESL writing anxiety data were collected before and after the designed academic writing module based on the process-genre approach. Descriptive statistics including mean and standard deviation, inferential statistics including Wilcoxon signed-rank test, correlation, and qualitative thematic analysis were applied to obtain statistically significant results that show the overall writing nervousness/anxiety scores dropped after the intervention among the intervention Experimental Group. Qualitative data analysis of students’ and teachers’ interviews also explains the quantitative results by identifying the cause of writing anxiety and the effectiveness of the Process-Genre Approach to reduce three subtypes of writing anxiety. In this study, the researcher interviewed those Intermediate/Pre-University students and teachers, who used the process-genre (PGA) teaching L2 writing framework. The students found out that the following four strategies embedded in the process-genre approach (PGA) were helpful to diminish their writing anxiety after the intervention: (1) collaborative writing (2) preparation (3) peers’ and teachers’ positive feedback and constructive criticism and (4) application of the recursive process of writing for different genres of academic writing. It is suggested that the PGA teaching model should be implemented for teaching ESL writing, especially at the Intermediate /Pre-University level. It is also suggested that ESL writing teachers apply the process-genre approach (PGA) in the classes and encourage students to understand writing for different genres of academic writing to improve ESL academic writing performance and reduce writing anxiety. Key Words ESL Writing Pedagogy, Academic Writing Teaching Approaches, ESL Writing Anxiety
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