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Title: China's Growing Involvement in Afghanistan and its Implications for South Asia
Authors: Tahir, Mariam
Keywords: Social Sciences
International Relationals
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Quaid e Azam University Islamabad
Abstract: China is a major stakeholder in the swiftly changing politics of South Asia, especially of Afghanistan. Its deep involvement in Afghanistan as a major stakeholder in the peace process has enabled it to further involve in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. There is no denying the fact that Afghanistan is a potential choke point, which has been envisaged by China as the future of all its ambitious plans. Afghanistan has acquired a central position for China because most of the corridors and trading routes traverse this country. China has peacefully established itself as the second largest economy of the world with an economic ambition to control all the major trade routes of the world. The deep involvement of China is also fruitful for Afghanistan. With the transcontinental connectivity of the trade routes of China, Afghanistan can rebuild from the ashes of five decades of catastrophic instability and war. Its involvement with a track record of non-involvement in regional process makes the Chinese presence additionally a healthy action for Pakistan as well. A positive role from China is instrumental for peace and stability not only in Afghanistan, but also in South Asia as a whole. Therefore, this study highlights the Chinese involvement in Afghanistan and its immediate and long-term implications for Afghanistan, Pakistan and for South Asia.
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