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Title: Evaluation of Bed Hons. Programmes of Public Sector Universities in Punjab
Authors: Iqbal, Muhammad Javaid
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Education, Lahore
Abstract: The current study intended to evaluate BEd-Hons programmes of public sector universities in Punjab (Pakistan). The approach of this study was qualitative multiple case study under post-positivist paradigmatic stance. The central question was “How far the BEd-Hons programme of public sector universities fulfills the quality standards laid down in NPSTP?” To answer this question scheme of studies of BEd Hons was aligned with NPSTP, interviews of six teacher educators and three teaching practice incharges from universities were conducted and questionnaires were got duly filled by prospective teachers (students of 3rd year and 4th year of BEd-Hons. Alignment between NPSTP and contents of BEd-Hons revealed that scheme of studies of BEd-Hons were not developed in light of NPSTP. Moreover, a gap between course contents and suggested methods of teaching was found out. Highly structured scheme of studies and assessment system hindered teacher educators to use innovative methods of teaching and assessment. It was also found out that there was a difference between teacher educators’ preferred pedagogy and suggested in the programme design. Student teaching practice was not well integrated with coursework. In light of findings, it is recommended that the scheme of studies BEd-Hons and other teacher education programmes should be developed in accordance with NPSTP to enable prospective teachers to meet NPSTP. Coursework and teaching practice should also be intertwined and well-integrated with each other to prepare teachers well versed with theory and practice. As the current study was qualitative and involved only three universities from public sector and it is not generalizable to other universities, so it recommended that mixed method study may be conducted in future to draw findings on the basis of extensive data on different variables for generalization of results.
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