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Title: Treatment with Food in Prophetic Age (A Research and Analytical Study)
Authors: Ali, Zafar
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore
Abstract: The Prophet (Peace and blessing of Allah be Upon Him) paid close attention to diet to maintain health. By using simple foods, he taught humanity that health comes from simple foods. He used clean water, ate natural fruits and vegetables, ate meat, drank milk and honey and give the concept of a balanced diet. Modern medical science has revealed many secrets in his diet. Just as the prophet himself is superior so is his food. Man can make his life safer by using the food of the Holy Prophet. Health is a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Every human deed is due to health. A sickman can neither take care of worldly affairs nor religion. If a person is not healthy worship is not enjoyable. Good nutrition is essential for good health. Nutrition is an important part of life. Food not only sustain life but also contributes to health and wellbeing. Contray to the mood poor and unhealthy foods make a person sick, while good and useful foods that are in harmony with the mood make a person healthy. Diet lasts from birth to death. The evolution and sequencing of the human body depends only the blood and its chemical elements that are prepared from the human diet. Medicine do not interfere in it. Medicines are not components of the blood, so complete and correct treatment can only be with food. Deficiency of nutrients in the body and blood reduces certain components, on the contray, some ingredients are overdone. Therefore, foods that are excessive in the human body are stopped or reduced and foods that are deficient in the body are fed. This is not possible with medicine, so treatment begins with food. Prophets kept coming in every age they taught how to live a better life. One of them is staying healthy. The responsibility to maintain health and restore lost health has long been considered a spiritual knowledge and in every age of history and in every religion there are healing religious leaders. Hazrat Dawood (A.S) was the founder of medicine. Hazrat Idris (A.S) was a prophet as well as great sage and physician. The Jews considered Prophet Moses (A.S) to be the invertor of medicine. The prophet hood of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) came to an end. Allah has endowed him with the knowledge of healing along with other sciences. That is why there is a large collection of his hadiths on the subject of medicine. In case of illness he treated himself and guide the companions too. The Prophet (S.A.W) used various methods to cure health problems and cure diseases. One of the treatments is “Treatment with food”. He not only used different foods from his area but also mentioned their benefits. He also blessed the medical principles. For maintaining good health through food and protection against diseases. The principles and laws given by him are based on natural, universal, unchangeable and revelation. Diet plays a major role in the development of the disease. Most illnesses are caused by the wrong foods. The prophet (S.A.W) gave many instructions in the use of food. He did not combine milk and fish in his diet. He liked clean and cold water. He used different foods in his area. Therapeutic treatments are becoming very popular in the world today. Modern westernthrapies are failing to control diseases. That is why the number of diseases and the number of patients is increasing day by day. One of the reasons for this is poor diet. Various measures are taken to improve the quality of food but the understanding required for the use of these foods is not taken into consideration. There is a growing trend of nutritional treatments to get rid of diseases because this is the natural cure. Fourteen hundred years ago the Prophet (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) gave instruction on food and the principles of treatment through food. For the healers, there are golden principles of healing in his Sira-e-Taiba. Much work can be done in the field of medicine based on these principles. This will not only provide new avenues for therapists but will also provide the public with a wealth of useful information regarding food. Treatment with food is cheap, easy and simple treatment will be accessible to every man. Health will be normal, the number of diseases will be reduced, there will be prosperity in the society humanity will be happy and there will be peace and tranquility. KEYWORD: Health, Nutrition,Chemical Elements, useful foods, better life, Diet, Medicine, Knowledge of healing, food and protection, treatments, patients, natural cure, simple treatment, fruits and vegetables, secrets, balanced diet.
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