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Title: Impact of Organizational Justice and Management Practices on Performance of University Employees
Authors: Yousaf, Muhammad Subhan
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Education, Lahore
Abstract: The current study explored the intention to identify the impact of organizational justice and management practices on university employees’ performance. This research was drawn on the positivist paradigm under quantitative approach for the attainment of objectivity in the results. The data was collected through the survey method from university employees comprising of 50 respondents each from top management, middle management, teaching staff and custodian staff to find out the impact of the organizational justice and management practices on the employees’ performance in the province of Punjab. The researcher personally visited all the 10 universities (05 public & 05 private) to administered the tool from 500 respondents to record responses by the simple random sampling technique. The university employees ‘Organizational Justice’ (OJ) was measured by the University Employees Organizational Justice Questionnaire (UEOJQ) and management practices was measured by University Employees Management Practices Questionnaire (UEMPQ) that was adopted after having permission from the developers. Whereas, employee’s performance was measured by taking their performance score calculated by their institutions in terms of their evaluation through Performance Evaluation Report (PER). The results helped to conclude that organizational justice and management practices has a significant impact on the performance of university employees. On the basis of these results, it is recommended that university administration may revise their policies of organizational justice while considering the employees’ current needs consider sharing the results of performance evaluation of employees at regular intervals that become the reason to motivate the employees to work with more devotion. Keywords Organizational Justice, Management Practices, Employee Performance
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