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Title: Greening the Hospitality Sector: How do Employee Attitudes Influence Behaviors
Authors: Arshad, Muhammad
Keywords: Bussiness & Management
Business Administration
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore.
Abstract: This study explores and empirically validates the concept of employee ecological behavior for environmental concern in view of greening the hospitality sector. The study contributes the conceptual linkage with HR attitudes that facilitate the causal relationships between employee attitudes and ecological behavior. The employee commitment and willingness to participate in effective environmental system is of vital importance in the context of greening the hospitality sector. HRM grounded in resource based value invokes ecological and market advantage to influence environmental management system on organizational performance. The study basis all the above relationships on Theory of Planned of Behavior (Aijzen, 1991). Extensive previous literature on customer oriented OCB and organizational commitment was explored to develop understanding regarding the sequential mediation effect in the relationship between environmental concern & environmental intent, and employee satisfaction & ecological behavior. The study basisthese variables and their relationships while remaining focused on TPB. The literature helped in findings the research gapes regarding the role of employee contribution in greening the hospitality sector that provides a conceptual base for the proposed research framework. For research methodology every care has been exercised for the selection of appropriate research design. Survey research design on the basis of benefits associated to it and the objective of this study is decided. Demographic and variables items were carefully selected from the available data sets of the constructs with their previously tested reliability and validity. Analytical strategies require great deal of precision and accuracy. The study starts from descriptive statistics in order to see the trend of the data collected, followed by the reliability and validity. Correlations is useful in understanding the relationships between variables. Factor analysis helps in determining the instrument validity on the validity assessment criteria. They give us an insight to look into these relationships and find out issues which may be related conceptualization, methodology, data analysis or all of them. This research study is an attempt to provide analytical insight into the intention of employees hospitality sector to implement environmental green practices using the three main variables (i.e environmental concern, environmental intent and ecological behavior) and the three job attitudes , including too as mediators (i.e customer oriented OCB and organizational commitment) and one as predictable behavior (employee satisfaction) by xi designing an extended Theory of Planned Behavior model in the hospitality sector. The results of this study endorse that the intentions of hotel industry employees to implement the obligatory environmental green practices of their organization are a result of their attitudes towards ecological behavior, employee customer oriented discretionary behavior, and organizational commitment. The results also show that employees with positive environmental attitudes towards the customer oriented OCB and organizational commitment possibly engage in an ecological behavior in the workplace. The differences between the current results and those found in previous studies may reflect the varying determinants of ecological behavior intentions. The extended Theory of Planned Behavior model has allowed our study to provide useful insights for practitioners and academics concerning which psychological variables affect the intentions of hospitality sector employees to perform environmental behavior. The future research in this area may build on this study and develop understanding among managers as how to promote employee happiness and the overall well-being.
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