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Title: Pak US Relations and Implications for South Asia (1999-2008)
Authors: , Khalil ur Rehman
Keywords: Social Sciences
Pakistan Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: This dissertation evaluates the present standoff in the relations between Pakistan and United States, which stayed burdened with bitterness and captive to the insistency of Washington over Islamabad with the demand of doing more to eliminate the network of terrorist armed groups, Al-Qaida and Taliban, who are operational from the tribal areas of Pakistan and committing terrorist activities inside and outside the Pakistan. Argue is that the two partners in this worldwide war against terrorism, have different regional tactical concerns. For the U.S, the war against the terror was destined to restrain the worldwide terrorism led by Al-Qaida and penalize the performers of the attacks of 11thof September 2001, assault on the soil of U.S. In contrast, Pakistan joined this war unwillingly desired to provide the security to its benefits, regional and domestic and by keeping away from the fury of U.S. Another argues is that both the partners, Pakistan and U.S require performing the redefining of the on hand stage of relations amongst them and effort jointly for achieving superior objectives that were defined in the war against the terror. If they failed to do so, it might endanger the armed forces operations to counter the terrorism in edges of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In result, this region along with the world in general would carry on to face the terrorism threat.
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