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dc.contributor.authorKanwal, Zeenat-
dc.description.abstract“In modern financial upgradations of institutions and human resources management are linked with economic development of the country the existing population factor which is known as 60% female and 40%male are contributing their major share in GDP and big percentage in economic and social endeavors”. “The banking sector is a specialized sector where competitive environment is issue of organization. before eighties there were majority of male employees and employers in banking personnel than the females the ratio showed very low percentage during the 1980s however majority of population was out of operation in different sector of states financial institutions and other organization .in health and education sector female workers are growing day by day in near future it will be dominant positions”. “The woman’s female contributing major share in socioeconomic development of the country”. “The features of female workers distributed into two groups Urban and Rural in this study all focus on the rural female banker and their role and responsibilities”. “A Survey is proposed to be applied regarding stress among female bankers, which is main cause of demotivation for women in banking sectors in Rural areas of Sindh, similarly we have investigated the positive impact and predict the future of women bankers”. “The study had highlighted the significance of job satisfaction and causes of stress among bankers”. “Since decades stress has been pointed out as burning issue in major cities of country a large number of scholars had studied and evaluated the facts that effects the performance of Female employees on their performance variety of factors including the gender discriminations are widely reasons behind the stress many researchers had proposed different approaches to tackle the problem and response to the stressors will be unique contribution in Sindh particularly rural Sindh”. • “The working environment is not bed of roses it contains multifarious perplexing elements which continuously slowly haunting the behavior of the people those who constituted such environment no matter the what human is ideal the work related is indispensable”. • “Since a century or so stress has been studied as interdisciplinary construct and now become an area greater attention from the part of various scholars”. “The previous studies on stress have been predominantly psychological related and numerous models in this regard were developed tested and practices in an organizational XVI setting”. “The gender difference response to the stressors will be unique contribution in Sindh particularly rural Sindh”. “Work-related stress”. • “The findings of survey conducted by Safety and Health at work (2018) have confirmed that work related stress is studied as second most important issue”. “In Europe the economic costs per annum sustained by various organizations was estimate around 20 billion Euros in the report of 2018 recent trends in the studies of work-related stress are more inclined to treat the stress as process”. “Even though the consensus on any particularly process yet to be developed”. “For example, Kahn and Byosiere (2017) have found three core phases to signify the characteristics of work rselated stress process Existence of stressors or insister”. • “Performance appraisal process” • “Producing response” • “The next that is related with cognitive process have been green area to be investigated by applying provocative emotional constructs in alliance with causal attribution”. “The majority of work-related stress researches have executed these three distinct stages as there theoretical frame work”. “During several years of work related stress studies numerous models have been developed”. “Such as Job Demand Resources (JD-R) model developed by Demerouti et al (2016) is one of the most cited and influential empirical attempts”. “The models after improving earlier models have added more positive phases of work into stress”. • “Causal Attribution”. “The term causal attribution is an outcome of extensive studies in behavior studies and the concept is bit new to the organizational psychological than social psychology”. “Heider (2017) is considered to be the pioneer of concept of reasoning”. “Subsequently Weiner et al. (2016) developed a theoretical framework which later on considered being the major breakthrough the several studies. Hence in social psychology causal attribution is considered as single most important research paradigm (Weiner, 2015)”. “Through their empirical investigation they concluded the significant components influencing attributions for accomplishments which includes capability endeavor work related challenges and fortunes”. “Today it is more attractive and attentive research construct”.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherShah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.en_US
dc.subjectBussiness & Managementen_US
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